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Triphala Rasayana


Ingredients : amla, haritaki,bibhitaki

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“Triphala Rasayana for Digestion, IBS, Constipation, and Detoxification Benefits: Improves digestion and relieves constipation Boosts metabolism and regulates cholesterol Useful in treatment of pre diabetes and obesity Good eye tonic. Heals wounds on external application Has anti oxidant properties Dosage: 3 to 6 gm once or twice daily or as directed by the physician Packaging Size: 200 grams Description: Triphala is one of the most widely utilized and well known formulations of ayurveda for more than 2500 yrs. Triphala Rasayana is a composite herbal preparation of Haritaki, Amalaki and Bibhitaki in the ratio 1:2:4. Triphala is an effective laxative which also supports body strength. Haritaki: having quality of laxative, astringents, lubricant ant parasitical, antispasmodic and nervine properties. Amalaki: Having quality of cooing tonic, astringents, mildly laxative, anti pyretic, highest source of natural vitamin c Bibhitaki: Good for astringents deceptive and auto spasmodic, balance excess muscles. No animal ingredients.



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