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Herbal Heena Mehndi


Ingredients in Natural Herbal Heena:
Mehndi, Bhringa Raj, Amla, Shikakai, Khair Chhal, Nagarmotha, Kapoor, Harad & Neem.

CATEGORY: Country of origin: India
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Herbal Heena Hair Colour for Graying and Hair Loss Benefits of Natural Herbal Heena: Naturally hair dye (colour grey hair) Reduces premature graying of hair with each use Reduces dandruff and scalp disorders Arrests hair fall Conditions hair Acts as a cooling agent to promote restful sleep and ward off the harmful effects of stress 100 % herbal and chemical free No known side effects Usage Instructions: Mix 25-50 gms (or according to your requirement) of Natural Herbal Heena Powder with lukewarm water and leave it overnight in an iron container. Packaging Size: 100 gms x 2 Natural Herbal Heena Powder (Mehandi) is a blend of medicinal herbs which are vital for conditioning hair naturally. Henna (leaves of henna tree, Lawsonia inermisis) is a traditional herb used widely to colour hair. Henna (also spelt as Heena and Hina) protects the hair shaft while also acting as a natural cooling agent for the head. Our Natural Herbal Heena, with its unique set of herbs, prevents premature graying, treats scalp disorders and arrests hair fall. Additionally, it nourishes hair, and makes it smooth and shiny. Regular use of Natural Herbal Heena renders strength and shine to hair. It is a great addition to your Hair Care kit as a natural hair vitalizer and conditioner. Natural Herbal Heena Vs Commercial Hair Colours: To address premature graying of hair, we normally use expensive chemical hair dyes. We are vary of henna because it does not give dark colour but a reddish brown colour to grey hair. Not everyone likes this reddish hue even when they know that henna is natural and safe. However, the side effects of hair dyes are devastating – rough, brittle and damaged hair, hair fall, reduced hair growth, and more and more grey hair. On the other hand, Natural Herbal Heena, is a mix of hair friendly herbs and is 100% chemical free. It is highly affordable for regular use, is devoid of any side effects, and effectively prevents graying of hair over a period of time.



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