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Guide on how to select Authentic Wedding Sarees Online

In India, wedding time means saree shopping time. No matter in which part of the country you are living in, a saree is essential when it comes to Indian wedding shopping.

For the main ceremony, even if the bride decides to wear a lehenga there is always more than one function to wear a saree. Nowadays, with just a mouse click, you can find several stores that offer wedding saree online which makes it easy for you to shop right from the comfort of your home.

For every woman, the wedding day is the most special day in her life. This is why women start planning for the day way ahead in order to make it perfect. Right from the wedding dress to the decoration of the venue, she wants everything to look perfect and beautiful.


Buy Saree Online

In order to prepare for the big day, lots of shopping is done and saree shopping is the most important one of all. So, if you are looking for the best online store involved in offering a wide collection of online sarees in India then Myndia is a one-stop solution for you.

Always remember that selecting a saree for the wedding can be overwhelming sometimes. It might be possible that you have dreamed about your big day or wedding but there comes a time when you require proper guidance in order to select the right wedding saree for bridal.

However, finding your dream bridal saree can be quite stressful and difficult because of the number of options available and also if you are a bit choosy about your needs.

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Some women choose sarees by colours, others might drape saree according to the fabric that suits their body type perfectly, while few other women pick saree depending upon the designs and embroidery of saree.

Marriage means the beginning of a new life for girls and since it is a big step, the wedding day demands careful planning. Every girl wants to look their best on the wedding day and this bridal saree plays a vital role.

The saree for brides enhances the overall beauty of the bride and is also the most important & difficult part of the shopping.

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No matter whether you are planning to buy Kanjeeveram or Banarasi sarees for your big day, there are certain points that you need to keep in your mind before purchasing a bridal saree online for yourself.

Myndia is one of the best online stores that you will come across. It offers a wide collection of sarees in different colours, designs, fabrics, and patterns that are perfect for weddings. This online shop also provides huge discounts and seasonal offers, helping you to purchase sarees without burning a hole in your pocket.

In this blog, you will come across a few points that will help you in selecting authentic wedding sarees online. Before you start your search for a perfect wedding saree online, it is essential for you to get all your basics clear.

You need to have a clear understanding of a few things before you decide to put your hard-earned money into a wedding saree for your big day. Remember that making the wrong decision will not only set you back financially but also ruin your wedding day.

Prepare a budget

Preparing a budget is the most important part of every wedding and this also applies to the bride. Apart from the saree, you must have also allocated money for your other bridal looks like makeup, jewellery, and other accessories that will complete your overall look.

It is always better to decide well in advance how much money you want to spend on your bridal saree or else you will end up spending a lot of money that will ultimately disturb your other budgets.

Women often love to plan and do shopping but the love of shopping & for collecting the appreciation is not good to go beyond your budget or do online shopping for wedding sarees without any planning of budget.

So, before you buy a wedding saree online, it is important for you to discuss the budget once with your parents.

Check Out the Return Policy

It is important for you to always buy a wedding saree online from a reputed online store like Myndia. Buying from a reliable and reputed online shop means you will get a return policy.

Before purchasing the saree, make sure you check out the return policy because if there is any problem with the saree you can return it easily. Also, check the time period of the return policy.

Selecting wedding saree colours according to your skin tone 

Usually, one of the most famous shades for Indian wedding sarees is from the red spectrum. You need to know that several shades fall into the category of red, as a result, you are confused about which colour is the best.

While buying a wedding saree online, try to keep your taste aside and consider a few factors while deciding the colour of the saree. One of the first and major thing that you need to consider is your skin tone. Remember not all colours are going to suit your skin tone.

If you have a dark or dusky skin tone then it is always better to avoid the sarees with shades of lilacs and browns because they will make you look dull and pale. It is better to go for vibrant shades such as yellow, orange, wine, dark green, maroon, and deep purple colour sarees.

Such kinds of sarees will go perfectly with your skin tone and enhance your overall beauty.

Selecting wedding sarees according to your body type

There is always a certain attraction and magic in a perfectly draped saree look. You should always purchase wedding sarees online as per your body type because this will enhance your overall beauty.

If you have a pear-shaped body type then avoid wearing mermaid saree cuts because they will make your lower body look bulky than real. Go for georgette and chiffon sarees because they will perfectly balance your upper and lower body.

In the case of apple-shaped body type, you should wear embroidery or beadwork saree. Don’t go for net saree because it is your biggest enemy. However, if you wish to bring out the best in you then a silk saree is a one-stop solution. To hide your heavy waist, go for an ultra-pallu saree.

Lightweight sarees such as georgette, chiffon as well as crepe will give you a beautiful look if you have a plump shaped body type. Such type of sarees sits closer to your body, making you appear slim.

Strictly stay away from stiff fabrics such as cotton saree. On the other hand, if you are tall and slim just like Deepika Padukone then go for bold colours, large prints, and heavy borders sarees because they will give you a perfect look.

You need to purchase sarees with thin borders because they will make you look taller. Being a petite woman, you should stay away from sarees with heavy borders and big prints. Choose saree colours such as brown, grey, and red because they will attract you.

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If you are a skinny woman then it is important to bring out the curves in your body while draping designer wedding sarees. Do not try to buy wedding sarees that have a clingy fabric like very thin fabric, chiffon, and poly-crepes.

For your body type, heavy weaves such as Banarasi saree, cotton varieties, and heavy varieties of georgette are just perfect. Along with your designer saree go for sleeveless, halter neckline, and backless blouses because they are best.

According to your skinny body type, you need to buy wedding sarees online that have bright, bold, or pale colours along with scattered motifs.

Selecting wedding sarees according to the time of the event

Purchasing the right kind of saree is not an easy task because there are so many options available at an online store like Myndia. There is so much to keep in your mind, right? You need to consider everything while buying a saree right from the occasion to the right colour of saree and most importantly time of the day.

While purchasing a wedding saree online, you need to keep in mind the time of the day your wedding will be held. It is always better to go for light shades of saree such as yellow, pink, green, and peach if it is a day wedding.

On the other hand, if it is a night wedding then select the sarees of darker shades such as rust, red, gold, and maroon.

Therefore, now you know what all things need to be considered while purchasing the wedding saree online. So, why waste your precious time? Explore the online shop Myndia and order your favourite wedding saree today.



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