Kurtis for Women

Be it saree or Kurti, both the attires perfectly bring out the natural beauty as well as curves in women. Both sarees and Kurtis are considered the best Indian wears that every woman loves to wear on different special occasions such as fancy events, festivals, weddings, and so on.

Nowadays, you can find several online stores that offer perfect clothing for your body type and Myndia is one of them. At this online store, you can find a wide range of Kurtis for Women as well as sarees in different colours, patterns, fabrics as well as styles.

Kurtis for Women

It is important for you to know that sarees and Kurtis are the kind of clothing that if selected, worn, and accessorized perfectly can be a great game-changer for every woman.

With time, Indian traditional wear has undergone several changes as well as experiments.

With just a mouse click, you can now find Authentic Wedding Sarees, readymade sarees, fusion sarees, and even stylish Kurtis that can be easily paired with dhoti pants, jeans, modern-cut pants as well as palazzos to attain a gorgeous look.

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However, if you are planning to do Online Saree Shopping and also save your money at the same time then Myndia is the right place because this online store offers a great collection of sarees and Kurtis that are hard to find anywhere else.

In this blog, you will get a complete guide on how to choose saree and Kurti according to your body type and look gorgeous.

How to choose a saree according to body type?

Although, every Indian woman is naturally blessed with the kind of body that can easily carry a saree elegantly. But if you wear the saree according to your body type, it will enhance your look from good to fab.

For instance, if you have an athletic body type then you need to select the saree for rectangle body shape. You can wear sarees designed from chanderi, cotton, or brocade fabric because they will instantly add volume to your body and make look beautiful.

Here is a guide to choose a saree according to your body type:

Pear Shaped 

Women with pear-shaped bodies generally have a curvy waistline, narrow bust & shoulders as well as well-rounded hips. So, if you have a pear-shaped body then it is always better to wear chiffon and georgette sarees because they stick to your body and also lift the natural curve.

You should never drape the saree too tight because the mermaid cut of your body will make you look heavy. If you wish to look graceful and elegant then seedha pallu or front pallu saree style for a pear-shaped body is great.

It is always better for you to pick the sarees that have bold & bright colors, abstract design, and cascading border. You can also wear a saree with delicate prints or heavy embroidery.

Apart from this, Banarsi silk sarees with long sleeve blouses also look extremely gorgeous on women with pear-shaped body types.

Apple in shape

Most women nowadays are blessed with an apple-shaped body type which means her upper part of the body is heavy. Women with such kind of body type have heavy bust & stomach along with narrow hips.

You should always pick sarees with beautiful borders or embroidery work because such type of saree will reflect your body shape flawlessly.

Try to wear sarees with heavy prints or embellishments, mainly on the pallu because this will cover up your upper body and balance the entire look as well. Wear Ulta pallu saree and strictly stay away from the sarees that are designed from sheer or net fabrics.

Curve handling

Women with curve-shaped body types are extremely blessed because this is one such kind of body type that has a narrow waist and uniformly wide bust as well as hips.

If you have a curve-shaped body then it is easy for you to carry all types of sarees with ease and elegance. Be it silk, cotton, georgette, crepe, net, or chiffon sarees, all of them give an astonishing as well as pretty look to your personality.

In order to add a touch of stylishness to your saree, you can pair it with blouses that come with plunging necklines or deep back. Go for sarees with dark colours and subtle embroidery work. Apart from this, you need to stay away from sarees that have heavy embellishments.

Slim & Slender

Most of the woman wishes to have a slim body type and if you are one of them then you are definitely blessed. It is important for you to know that on your body heavy sarees will appear immeasurable.

But still, there are few things that you need to consider while picking up the saree. Women with slim and slender body types should wear cotton sarees, silk sarees as well as designer sarees with heavy work.

It is necessary for you to avoid sarees of georgette or crepe fabric because they will stick to your body and make you look thinner.

Standing tall

If you are a woman with tall height then get ready to flaunt in several style sarees effortlessly. Without having a second thought, you can pick any kind of embroidered sarees and fabrics like silk, cotton as well as khadi.

Such types of fabrics will add amazing curves around you and also give a beautiful appearance. However, it is better to go for heavy borders saree and pick sarees with bold prints as well as a combination of colours because this will help in distracting the attention from your tall height.

Short and chic

It is often noticed that Indian women with short height don’t feel like wearing saree. If you are also one of them then don’t worry because all you need to do is pick the right saree.

In order to look taller and gorgeous, you should pick sarees of dark shades and stay away from the sarees that have wide borders. Along with a saree, you need to choose a blouse that has long sleeves.

A saree with light fabric will make you look tall and also wrap around your waist perfectly. Remember thick fabric saree along with heavy borders will not sit properly on your body and make you look shorter.

Plus size body type

Do you have a plus-size body type and worried about which type of saree is perfect for your body type? If yes, then don’t worry because there are several sarees available for you.

Women with plus size body type should choose chiffon, crepe, or silk fabric sarees because they will not only cover your body perfectly but also make you look slim at the same time.

In order to attain a flawless look, select the sarees with dark shades as well as small or delicate prints. It is necessary for you to avoid cotton sarees because they will not even drape properly around your body, as a result, you will look fat.

These are some amazing ways that can help you in choosing the right saree according to your body type.

How to choose Kurti according to body type?

In case, you are looking for a guide on how to choose Kurtis for occasions according to your body type then you are at the right place.

Kurti for Women

Apple Shaped Body

Women with apple-shaped are known to have voluptuous bodies with bigger bust lines as well as round tummy and slender hips & legs. Short and A-line Kurtis for the apple-shaped body are perfect because they enhance your style and make you look gorgeous.

It is always better to avoid Kurtis with a Chinese collar and prefer the Kurtis with a deep neckline. Women with apple-shaped body type should prefer Kurtis with darker shades instead of pastel shades because dark shades Kurti will add a mesmerizing look to the personality.

Banana Shaped Body

If you have straight shoulders along with a waist that is finely defined and a normal-sized middle portion then you have a banana-shaped body. You need to wear Kurtis with broad & deep neckline along with clinched waist because such type of Kurti will make look beautiful & smart.

In case, you are slightly skinny then go for heavy fabric Kurtis because they will instantly give you volume. Along with the Kurtis, you need to select the right bottoms. So, women with banana-shaped bodies should wear sleek bottoms like leggings or churidars.

Pear-Shaped Body

Women with narrow shoulders, necklines, border hips as well as thighs are considered pear-shaped beauties. In order to highlight your upper body, it is necessary for you to pick an embellished Kurti. Not only this, but you can also pick Kurtis with jacket style.

However, you can find a wide range of Kurtis for the pear-shaped body at Myndia; a renowned e-commerce platform.

Women with pear-shaped body types need to stay away from Kurtis that are designed using body-hugging fabrics because they will make your thighs and hips appear wider.

To complete your look, you can pair your Kurtis with straight pants, leggings, or churidar in order to attain a perfect appearance.

Kurtis suitable for the pear-shaped bodyincludes Anarkali, A-Line, and many more. Such type of Kurtis gives you a soothing look not only for parties but for offices also.

Hourglass Shaped Body

Being a woman, if you have an hourglass-shaped body then you are definitely blessed. Women with hourglass-shaped body types can carry almost all types of Kurtis available in the market.

Choose the Kurtis that perfectly define your waist and give a stunning look to your overall personality. Go for Kurtis that offers you a good fit & flare.

To get a perfect look, you can pair The Kurtis with palazzos. However, remember one thing, you should never wear Kurtis with bad fitting because they will hide your gorgeous curves.

Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

Women with inverted triangle-shaped body type have smaller bottom half when compared to the upper body along with no definition between waist & hips as well as straight and squared shoulder line.

It is better for you to choose flared Kurtis that fit perfectly well on your bust and low necklines because this will take away all the attention from your broad shoulders.

It is always a perfect idea to go for longer Kurtis and pair them with Patiala or a skirt.

Well, hopefully after reading this blog, you will get an idea regarding the sarees and Kurtis that will suit your body and give you a stunning look that is definitely beyond your expectations.

If, you want to avail of some exciting discounts and deals on both sarees and Kurtis then visit the online store of Myndia who is offering great deals on the occasion of Mahashivaratri.

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